Why your Tumblr GIF can’t move and how to make animated GIF avatars for Tumblr?

I have just created a Tumblr blog several days before, and found that Tumblr allows me to post a moving GIF as my profile image. Then I uploaded an animated GIF as my avatar, however, the image did not move on Tumblr! That GIF avatar did move on my PC and mobile phone, why it can’t move on Tumblr?

I went to Yahoo Answers and found many people asked the same question, and others asked how to make moving GIF avatars for Tumblr. Tumblr did say users can post GIF as avatars, and then I got the answer why my GIF didn’t move on Tumblr.

In fact, Tumblr can only accept GIF images which are under 500KB. If the GIF avatar is more than 500KB, it will not move on Tumblr. My first GIF posted on Tumblr is 523KB. So it didn’t move.

Then I made another animated GIF avatar by Tumblr GIF Creator which is less than 500KB, and then posted it to Tumblr, it moves!! I were so satisfied with my GIF profile image on Tumblr that I reaaly want to share my experience with other people who are worrying about how to make a moving GIF icon for Tumblr.

I made GIF avatars from videos by Tumblr GIF Creator. At the first time, I chose 128*128 as the output GIF size (I though it would be more clear than small size). Then it turned to be a failure for Tumblr profile image (the output GIF was bigger than 500KB, it can’t move). The second time, I selected 100*100, the output GIF is 388KB. I tried to upload it to Tumblr, and this time I got success!

Actually, Tumblr GIF Creator has stated clearly on its site: Please DO NOT select 128*128 (maybe this selection is for other blogs which can accept big GIF images). I’m so careless that I missed this important information! At last the problem has been solved perfectly.

If you would like to make/create moving GIF avatars for Tumblr profile image by Tumblr GIF Creator, please remember to select a size less than 500KB. The software is easy to use, and its site also has a tutorial. The input videos are in WMV/MP4/M4V/MPEG/ASF/MPG/AVI. You may go to its site to get some information.

The image quality of 100*100 is better than I supposed. Now I created some animated GIF avatars for my Tumblr profile images (I like changing profile images), every one is moving on Tumblr.

Hope this passage can be helpful!

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